Voice and Tone of TES

What is the voice of the brand?

Brand voice is the purposeful, consistent expression of a brand through words, content & anything else that expresses visual or vocal representation of the brand that engage and motivate. It’s true: The personality of your brand is determined, in large measure, by the words you use and the sentences you write.

Voice and Tone

The TES Group voice is human. It’s friendly yet professional, modest but intelligent. We want to instil calmness and give off relaxing yet assured vibes when possible. We care a great deal about our customers, we always have and always will. We’re leaders in our industry, we’re the guys people and even competitors come to for advice and guidance. We’re a source of information and knowledge like no other.

We would prefer to be friendly but not act like we are speaking to a friend, not using slang and colloquial words or terms. We want to be approachable but also respectful, professional and helpful – without doing this in a condescending demeanour.

Love what you do

We at TES, love what we do. We take a great deal of care in the selection and addition of each and every staff member. We want all of our staff to be happy, productive and dedicated team members with a real passion for the industry. This is an important part of our work ethos and we work very hard to ensure all of staff are happy and enjoying their career at TES.

As the old saying goes ‘Look after your staff, and they will look after your customers’

Each member of the TES group will have a fantastic work ethic as well as that individual personality and talent that makes them unique to us and our customers.

We don’t imitate or copy others. We’re successful by being different, energetic, and visionary. We want our customers to choose our solution because it not only covers their requirements but also because they see the passion and creativity in our personality.