Data Centres : Modular Electrical Rooms

Modular Electrical Rooms

TES has successfully developed and delivered a range of Modular Electrical Rooms for projects across Europe, UK and United States.

Global Distribution : Modular Electrical Rooms

Transforming Modular Electrical Rooms for Data Centre Projects

Modular Electrical Rooms, often referred to as e-houses (electrical houses) or Containerised data centers, are off-site manufactured modular buildings designed to house all the power distribution equipment.

TES have the capacity to manufacture and distribute Modular Electrical Rooms within 6-8 months.

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Functions of our Modular Electrical Rooms:

Powers the IT and MECH UPS
Houses the IT and MECH UPSs with the related battery cabinets
Distributes uninterruptible power to IT and MECH users
Communicates via software with the BMS

The Modular Electrical Rooms featured specifications:

Total structure size: Fully customizable (LxWxH)
Air conditioning & Air pressurization system
Lighting system and service outlets
Leak Detection System & Sprinkler system
Fire detection system & Fire resistance: EI60 according to EN 13501-2
Structural components in painted steel with rust protection and burglary resistance
IPX5 seal according to EN 60529
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Why use Modular Electrical Rooms

Our Modular Electrical Rooms offer several benefits for clients

Rapid Deployment
TES’s Modular Electrical Rooms are manufactured and pre-configured off-site by our TES team, reducing construction time significantly. TES has the capacity to manufacture and distribute Modular Electrical Rooms within 6-8 months.
TES’s Modular Electrical Rooms are modular, allowing for easy scalability. TES has the ability to add more modules as your computing needs grow, which is especially beneficial for our clients with rapidly changing IT requirements.
They can be cost-effective because of their standardized design and construction. This can help reduce both capital and operational expenses, making TES’s Modular Electrical Rooms an attractive option for our Data Centre clients with budget constraints.
Energy Efficiency
TES’s Modular Electrical Rooms can be designed with energy efficiency in mind. Advanced cooling systems and power management technologies are incorporated to optimize energy usage and reduce operational costs.
TES’s Modular Electrical Rooms are portable, making them suitable for remote locations or for disaster recovery purposes. TES has developed a skid-mounted solution that enables our equipment to be pre-installed in the factory and slide completely into the data center during construction, also reducing on-site delivery time.
Our Modular Electrical Rooms can be designed with physical security features like reinforced walls and access control systems, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and equipment. This is particularly important for several of TES’s Data Centre projects where the Modular Electrical Rooms are situated on the rooftops of buildings.
Maintenance Ease
Due to their modular nature, maintenance can be simplified. If a module needs repair or replacement, it can be easily swapped out without affecting the overall data center’s operation.
Environmental Control
Modular Electrical Rooms can be equipped with advanced environmental control systems to ensure that the equipment inside is operating within specified temperature and humidity ranges.
TES’s Modular Electrical Rooms can be customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring that the data center infrastructure aligns with the organization’s needs.