LV SwitchgearDesigned to your requirements

LV Switchgear design and manufacture to suit your project requirements

Under the watchful eye of the TES Innovation Unit, our range of Low Voltage / LV Switchgear has been developed with exacting standards in both design and manufacture.

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    LV Switchgear Manufacturer
    LV Switchgear

    LV Switchgear design and manufacture to suit your project requirements

    Safety is paramount. Therefore TES Team have verified all Switchgear designs to standards, which guarantees that our bespoke designs are compliant to ASTA or DEKRA industry safety and performance standards.

    In addition LV switchgear created by TES provides optimal protection of low voltage power equipment with complete centralised control. Ergonomically designed, TES Low Voltage Switchgear is flexible enough to deliver in any environment and adaptable to change with minimum disruption.

    TES designed and manufactured LV Switchgear is safely distributing power throughout a wide range of critical industries including Data Centres, Banks, Schools, Hospitals, Offices and Renewable Energy throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Our reputation for superior build quality, customer service and speed of manufacture has ensured that our clients return to us for new projects time and again.

    Features include:
    • All switchboard designs verified to BSEN 61439-2 by ASTA or DEKRA from 400A up to 6300A;
    • Manufactured to BS EN 61439-2;
    • Front and rear access designs, suitable for top or bottom entry cables;
    • Flexible design constructions such as L-Shape, U Shape and Back-to-Back arrangements;
    • Standard paint finish using RAL and BS options;
    • Ingress protection of IP31 as standard;
    • Comprehensive range of functional units such as ACBs and MCCBs, Fuseswitches and MCB or fuse boards. Units are available in fixed, drawout or plug-in formats;
    • Comprehensive Scada / EMS / PLC Equipment can incorporated, offering a complete automation and intelligent system controls package;
    • Can incorporate Internal power factor correction;
    • REC CT Chambers to various specifications;
    • Extensive range of metering options;
    • Fully welded and modular sheet steel construction cubicles available;
    • Provisions for thermo-ports on panels for future thermographic surveys can be included.