Service & Maintenance

technical support available 365 days a year

Technical Support

TES have a dedicated team to provide complete technical support for clients. Our dedicated Project Managers will liaise directly with your contract team and will oversee all in-coming requests through the dedicated support desk. Depending on the nature of the technical support required, the problem will be immediately logged (through our support desk facility) with a qualified and experienced member of the technical support team.

As a matter of urgency the issue will be dealt with and resolved in accordance with TES standards. In the unlikely event that the issue raised relates to new equipment installed, TES have a full warranty and technical support programme in place to ensure any problems that may arise are alleviated and dealt with swiftly. Full technical support will be provided to clients as required, at all times throughout contract delivery.

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A full training programme will be devised by TES to ensure clients personnel are completely familiar with new technologies and equipment supplied. Training will be delivered by experienced TES employees to ensure staff are fully versed and equipped with the necessary information and training to operate TES systems.

Depending on client preference, training can take the form of blended learning – combining on-site and traditional classroom based training to ensure a full and comprehensive training programme is delivered. Information manuals will be provided to support training.

Maintenance Backup

TES have in place an experienced and mobile maintenance team who can be quickly deployed to site for any issues. Calls will be logged with the Support Desk and issued to relevant members of the Maintenance team comprising of TES specialists. This will ensure any issues will be resolved effectively and efficiently.

Through our tried and tested repair and maintenance protocols, we will provide a prompt and effective maintenance back-up service as required. Responses will be undertaken within 48 hours in any normal week. TES operate on the principles of zero snags and our maintenance team have an excellent track record in providing effective troubleshooting and repair service.

TES have extensive experience in providing effective maintenance back-up and have a large inventory of spares to facilitate maintenance and repair requirements.

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Assistance for Planning and Design

TES have in place an experienced team of design engineers who will be available through the course of the contract to consult with you for planning and design requirements.