Barrow WwTW Tidal PS

Contract Summary:

Barrow (Headin Haw) WwTW is located near the main docks area to the south of Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria and serves a population equivalent estimated at 73,000.

The works includes a tidal pumping station to enable discharge during high flow and high tide events. The tidal pumping station is located in a separate, secure compound approximately 150m to the west of the main works compound. Emergency and peak storm flows are discharged via a separate storm outfall.

TES were the nominated contractor responsible for the design, supply, installation & commissioning of the new Tidal Pumping Station and the renewal of all electrical plant / equipment / controls on existing Transfer Pumping Station.

Contract Specifications:

  • New outfall pumping station housing 3no.variable speed submersible pumps in a duty/assist/standby configuration. Pumping station to transfer 1544 l/sec at design peak flow.
  • Associated pipework valves and fittings
  • Isolation penstocks within the new tidal pumps overflow chamber.
  • Potable water wash-down facilities for the new pumping station.
  • Removal of existing Weir SBR tidal pumps including delivery pipework / valves within the pump station
  • Hydraulic physical model pump wet well
  • Replacement of existing tidal and transfer pumps MCC
  • Replacement of the existing 500kVA transformers with 800kVA transformers to allow for the new pumping station demands.
  • Replacement cabling between the new transformers and new MCC
  • New cabling between the new MCC and the new pumping station and valve chamber.
  • Instrumentation within the new pumping station, valve chamber and overflow chamber.
  • Replacement of the existing communication cable between the existing PLC and the site SCADA system.
  • Update the existing SCADA system to accommodate the new Siemens PLC via the existing Ethernet ring and modify the existing SCADA mimics to represent the new pumping station arrangement.
  • Modifications to the interface of the existing telemetry system
  • Perform post pumping station completion harmonic study for the site and, if required, install a site wide harmonics filter panel.
United Utilities
Contract Value