Waste-to-Energy Gasification

Contract Summary:

A new waste-to-energy gasification plant with a capacity of 60 MWt. When converted by two steam turbine generators, this will generate 15 MWe of power. Net annual green electricity exported to the grid will be 100 GWh. A neighbouring Bombardier Aerospace manufacturing plant will be the principal user.

The waste-to-energy facility will contribute to treating more than 150,000 tonnes of feedstock derived from local commercial and industrial waste and will enable Northern Ireland to save 50,000 tonnes of carbon per year.

Contract Specifications:

TES were selected as the preferred manufacturer of the new Power Distribution equipment, including design, manufacture, delivery and site commissioning of the new equipment.

  • 3150 kVA package Substation
    • 5000A Switchboard
    • 5 MWe Stream 1 MCC
    • 5 MWe Stream 2 MCC
    • Backup Generator MCC
    • Common MCC
  • 1600kVA package Substation
    • 2500A Switchboard
    • 5MWe Stream 3 MCC
    • Backup Generator MCC
  • Intake Material Handling MCC
  • Harmonic Filtration CP
  • Power Factor CP
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